“The Last Exorcism” Update

As of today, “The Last Exorcism” viral marketing video has amassed more than 6.4 million views and continues to grow. Alexia Tsotsis at Tech Crunch summed up the campaign pretty well, “Once again, it seems as though the horror genre is light years ahead of the Hollywood curve when it comes to grassroots viral marketing and you know, using the Internet. The tactic seems to be working, as IMDB’s Movie Meter is plotting a 23% rise in the film’s popularity in the past week, caused by links on sites like Gizmodo and this one.”

Lionsgate was so thrilled with the success of the viral marketing campaign that they invited me to the premiere of the movie! It was a fairytale evening and definitely a night I will never forget.

Below are some photos from the event:

Here are links to a few articles that covered the campaign: